Initiative And Leadership


Andrew Carnegie and Henry C. Frick did more than any other two men to establish the steel industry. Both made millions of dollars for themselves. Came the day when economic intolerance sprang up between them. To show his contempt for Frick, Carnegie built a tall sky-scraper and named it the "Carnegie Building."

Frick retaliated by erecting a much taller building, alongside of the Carnegie Building, naming it the "Frick Building." These two gentlemen "locked horns" in a fight to the finish, Carnegie lost his mind, and perhaps more, for all we of this world know. What Frick lost is known only to himself and the keeper of the Great Records.

In memory their "bones lie bleaching in the sun" of posterity. The steel men of today are managing things differently. Instead of locking horns they now "interlock directorates," with the result that each is practically a solidified, strong unit of the whole industry. The steel men of today understand the difference between the meaning of the words COMPETITION and CO-OPERATION; a difference which the remainder of us would do well to understand, also.

In England the men who own the mines and those who run the labor unions "locked horns." Had not the cooler heads unlocked those horns the bones of the British empire (including both the owners of industry and the labor unions) should soon have lain "bleaching in the sun." One year of open combat between the unions and the owners of industry, in Great Britain, would have meant annihilation of the British empire.

The other nations of the world would have grabbed all the economic machinery now controlled by Britain. Let the leaders of American industry and unionism not forget! Fifteen factors enter into the attainment of SUCCESS.

One of these is TOLERANCE. The other fourteen are mentioned many times in this series of lessons. Intolerance binds man's legs with the shackles of IGNORANCE and covers his eyes with the scales of FEAR AND SUPERSTITION. Intolerance closes the book of knowledge and writes on the cover "Open not this book again. The last word has been herein written."

It is not your DUTY to be tolerant; it is your PRIVILEGE! Remember, as you read this article, that sowing the seed of INTOLERANCE is the sole and exclusive business of some men. All wars and all strikes and all other forms of human suffering bring profit to SOME.

If this were not true there would be no wars or strikes or other similar forms of hostility. In the United States today there is a well organized system of propaganda, the object of which is to stir up strife and hostility between the owners of industries and those who work in those industries. 


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